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ITC Warhammer 40k Grand Tournament

6 Round Warhammer 40k ITC Grand Tournament.

We will be playing with the ITC championship missions at the following link. Missions will be in random order. Tournament Missions

We will also be using the ITC chess clock rules and code of conduct. If either player asks to use a clock there will be a clock on the table. Please make sure you are aware of the ITC chess clock rules and what happens if you time out.

Chess Clock rules

Code of Conduct

All relevant faqs and beta rules will be used. Rules cut-off date is Saturday, February 1st, 2020. 2000 pts 6 Rounds (Over 2 Days) 3 Detachment Limit No Proxies. 3-color minimum and based to be eligible to play. 2hrs 30 minutes Per Round. Army Lists are due by 8pm, Monday February 10th. Your lists must be uploaded on BCP by that time. Any player who fails to upload their list will start the event with a yellow card. Please download the BCP player app if you have not already.