Genghis Con is proud to bring you these esteemed guests

Jordan Caves-Callarman

Jordan Caves-Callarman is the GM of Wildcards, a Savage Worlds live stream on the Twitch channel Saving Throw. He has been telling stories and making up games for his friends to play as far back as he can remember. Jordan cut his teeth on D&D and other games, but Savage Worlds is his favorite system of all time; ask anyone he knows…they’re tired of hearing about it!

Meghan Caves

Meghan Caves is a producer and cast member on Saving Throw, the live streamed RPG channel. She plays Adelaide Blackwood on Wildcards: ETU and portrayed the huckster Rosaleen Byrne in their previous Deadlands Reloaded campaign. Meghan is also the GM for an RPG version of the popular boardgame Mysterium!

Dom Zook

Dom is the executive producer and co-founder of Saving Throw Show, an online RPG channel which focuses on sharing the hobby through exciting and cinematic gameplay, with a focus on instruction. He is also a castmember on Wildcards, the channel’s exclusive Savage Worlds show.

Jordan Pridgen

Jordan Pridgen is a writer and performer out of Los Angeles. He played Gabriel Prior, a con man with a silver tongue on Saving Throw’s “Wildcards” Deadlands Reloaded show, and now plays the aspiring journalist Josh Sawyer in their ETU campaign. Jordan also appears in the D&D show “The Broken Pact” as Astorok the minotaur. When Jordan isn’t playing RPGs he’s either writing comedy with his sketch team “The Money Pit” out of the Ruby LA Theater, or quietly mumbling to himself “Oh man it’s nice to have some free time for once! I should make the most of this.”

Gaurav Gulati

Improviser, gamer, and now a roleplayer. Gaurav always seems to find a way to make himself even nerdier. He provides his creative talents on camera as well as behind the scenes with promotional art and video sketches for Saving Throw.

Karl Keesler

Dog House Rules

Karl Keesler is an award winning Art Director that started in the gaming industry in 2002 with United Playtest. He was the “Layout Guy” on Gaming Frontiers, a d20 magazine. From there he partnered up with the guys at Dog House Rules and took his passion for graphic design and gaming and turned it into a Gold ENnie in 2004 for Best Electronic Product for their flagship book, Sidewinder: Recoiled. He continued to work on numerous page layouts and logo designs for Dog House Rules’ Frontier Towns, The Fort Griffin Echo, Buckshots, Six Guns, Quick Quests and the all new Trailer Park Shark Attack!; garnering multiple ENnie nominations.

Recently he has taken his love for gaming and graphic design and has worked with companies like Atomic Ninja Studios, Fabled Environments, Mythic Gazetteer, Yellow Piece Games, Just Insert Imagination and Pinnacle Entertainment Group; in which he did the Trade Dress for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and the upcoming Savage Worlds Companion books.

Over the past years, Karl has taken his love of graphic design, pop culture and Savage Worlds to newer heights with running his unique convention games such as his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen adventure series, Ghostbusters meets the Goonies, Men in Black and Mystery Men. He likes to make his games eye-catching and exciting with custom designed maps, one-of-a-kind miniatures, terrain, specially designed character sheets and original Benny ideas.

When he isn’t working on his next art project, gaming or creating props he is enjoying life in sunny South Florida with his wife Kathy and their dog Rita.

Darell Hayhurst

Does not sleep. Ever.

Darrell worked in tech, project management, and quality assurance before becoming a full time game designer and writer.

Darrell’s first published game was Hard Vacuum in 2000. He contributed to Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, Codex Infernus, and Savage Rifts before joining the project to revive Torg. He’s written extensively for Torg Eternity and is now the developer for the line.

Darrell works in Tucson, Arizona, and actually enjoys the weather there. His goal is to continue making new friends and writing quality games and adventures. He still can’t believe how lucky is to earn a living doing what he loves.

Tonya Woldridge


Tonya Woldridge is the Organized Play Manager for Paizo, Inc., overseeing the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild, the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild, and Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild organized play programs.

A long-time gamer, she started playing RPGs in high school. Over the years, some of her most frequent games played were 2nd Edition AD&D, Earthdawn, Champions, Shadowrun, and D&D 3.0/3.5. She started Pathfinder with the launch of the beta and has stuck with it ever since. After attending the third PaizoCon UK, she was hooked on organized play and spent several years volunteering for the Pathfinder Society, first as a Venture-Lieutenant in the United Kingdom, then as a Venture-Captain in Canada, before joining the team at Paizo.

Tonya counts herself fortunate that her family enjoys gaming! Her husband, a Master Sergeant (retired) in the United States Air Force, and 2 children are all avid board gamers and role-players.

Eric Lamoureux

Wild Die Podcast

Eric has been a freelance RPG writer for Savage Worlds since 2012. Mostly known for his non-linear adventure scenarios such as Fuhgeddaboudit!, he became a writer, designer, and project manager for Just Insert Imagination under which he recently wrote Wiseguys: The Savage Guide to Organized Crime.

Eric is also the producer and co-host of the Wild Die Podcast; a Savage Worlds podcast going on its 5th year. Originally from Montreal, Canada, he now lives in Erie, Pennsylvania with his wife Amy. He enjoys watching hockey, culinary tourism, black chocolate, and tabletop crafting; a hobby that he uses to visually enhance the RPG games he runs..

Tracy Sizemore

Ede Sol Games

Tracy is a freelance RPG author and contributor who has written for several RPG settings and game lines. She’s written Delphi adventures for Torg Eternity in both the Nile Empire, and the upcoming Cyberpapacy. She’s written a handful of adventures for Pinnacle Games (Savage Worlds), including “Teen Crush”, “The Curious Death of Violet Evans”, and the upcoming “Disaster at Gran Atomica”, a quick start adventure for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition kickstarter. She contributed an article on “High Powered Games” and managing predictability in the World Builder’s Guide for Savage Worlds, and was a contributor for the upcoming Nighty Knights RPG. Finally, Tracy is the creator of the original sci-fi setting, The Han Cluster for Savage Worlds, which is currently in development.

Tracy is a proud native of Tucson, Arizona. She’s also a singer, composer, and a huge k-pop fan–which you’re welcome to ask her about, but only if you’re truly ready to disappear down the rabbit hole.



Miranda has been running the YouTube channel WarGamerGirl since 2012 and specializes in high quality, cinematic battle reports in tabletop gaming. She plays 40K, Warmachine, and a variety of skirmish games. Additionally she is a roleplayer, dungeon master for the Iron Kingdoms game, and cosplayer. You can check out her channel here at

Ron Blessing

Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Ron is Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Community Manager for the Official Savage Worlds Facebook Group and the Pinnacle Entertainment Group forums.

Ron has been a gamer since 1984 and, with his wife Veronica, is proudly raising two more gamers (Cat and R2) for the next generation. He first delved into the game industry as a podcaster, beginning with The Game’s the Thing back in 2006, and with Veronica, he also co-created the original Savage Worlds podcast, Smiling Jack’s Bar & Grill.

In 2008, Ron began editing and contributing to RPGs and has freelanced for several Savage Worlds licensees as well as for Pinnacle.

Be sure to check out his shiny new Savage Worlds-focused podcast, Savage Interludes!

Jolly Blackburn

Knights of the Dinner Table

Jolly quietly celebrated his thirtieth year in the games industry a few months ago. He began his journey writing about games and those who play them in SHADIS, the award winning games magazine he launched out of an upstairs bedroom (Shadis) in 1990.

Best known as the creator of Knights of the Dinner Table, Jolly (who is vice president of KenzerCo) readily admits that the gaming comic was something of a ‘creative burp’ — an after thought that came about because he found himself with a few empty pages that needed filled and a pressing deadline.

“Being a cartoonist was definitely not something I set out to do” he explains, “I sort of fell into it. Looking back, I sometimes shudder when I think how close I came to trashing that first strip and moving on to other things. A few years ago I felt the comic was keeping me from designing games — the real reason I got in this business. Ironically, KODT has brought me full circle and has opened an incredible number of doors. It’s also introduced me to some amazing people. ”

Jolly was a co-writer/developer on HackMaster (Game of the Year 2001) and is currently helping develop Aces and Eights: Shattered Frontier. Most of his time however is still devoted to the comic he owes so much to.

Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine created an entirely new market in games/comics several spin-offs and a handful of competitors reaching for the same audience. Over a million copies have been sold since it’s debut in 1994. As it approaching its landmark 275th issue there’s no signs of it slowing down.

“I find myself in the awkward position of having stumbled on to the ride of a lifetime and not quite knowing how I got there. All I can do is to hold on and see where it takes me.”

Alphinius Goo

Gooey Cube

Alphinius Goo is a wizard who resides in the Gloomport beneath the city of Darkenhaven in the Republic of Zyranthea. He is the creator of the World of Zyathé and one of the founders of Gooey Cube Games. Beyond this, Alphinius is also the creator of a number of unorthodox spells involving his area of specialty which is Gooey Cubes. These incantations include: Summon Goo, Rain of Goo, Floor of Goo, Wall of Goo, Spray of Goo, Gooey Shield, Gooey Servant, and, much to his embarrassment, Alphinius’ Gooey Finger. In real life, his name is Kim and he is a creator, writer, and author who loves gaming. He has been a Game Master for nearly 40 years and has a basement full of published works, dice, old maps, and miniatures. And no… Ms. Goo does not approve of said collection. =)