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Genghis Con is Colorado’s longest running gaming convention, and is proudly celebrating it’s 42nd year of gaming excellence!

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Meet the team bringing your gaming experience to life!



Andre’a is an avid gamer girl and proud member of the Nerd Herd! She has been playing some form of RPG for as long as she can really remember. She now plays almost any game she can get her hands on in RPG, miniature, board or card games. If she’s not playing, she’s planning the next event in the house for a paint night or a GM group…and the food to go with it. She spent nearly twenty years in public education as a secondary teacher, Dean and Assistant Principal. During those decades she taught students her love of the games, sponsored numerous gaming clubs and is
proud to know some of her former students now as full on adult members of the Nerd Herd! She left public education to pursue her passions for writing and the world of gaming that has brought her joy. Andrea is also known as the “better half” of the “first couple of gaming” as she and her husband Donny have shared their passion for gaming together for over 25 years. Together they own Gamer Girl Games and currently host conventions in the Denver

When you see her, make sure to say Hi!



Donny has been playing tabletop and video games since 1983. He is decidedly old.
He got his start with the Moldvay box set for Dungeons and Dragons playing In Search of the Unknown. At the completion of the adventure his character wanted to go into town. The Dungeon Master had no idea what to do and then ended the game. After that, Donny decided that he should use his creative 9 year old expertise to
design his own adventures for friends to play in. His first adventure, The Search for the Kriss Dagger was easily defeated by older brother Danny. After that, Donny went back to the design room to start working on his masterpiece, which still isn’t ready for publication as of today. He has been the GM of countless role playing game systems for the past 35 years for his ever shifting group of miscreants. His passions are for learning rules systems, and how to make them fade into the background, and to liven up the story of whatever game is being played. As a long time HVAC technician and tradesman, Donny gave up blue collar work in lieu of less lucrative work in the event planning and writing RPG material for a soon to be released kickstarter. He is currently part owner of Gamer Girl Games LLC and Genghis Con Colorado with his better half making up the dynamic duo that is known as the “First Couple of Gaming”



Chris first got into gaming when a friend from his boy scout troop gave him his first deck of Magic cards, starting him down the path of blissful financial ruin that only gaming can provide. From there he began experimenting with harder games such as classic Deadlands, eventually spiraling into full blown addiction upon discovering Savage Worlds.

From there Chris went on to become a bad influence on others by running games at various conventions, including Anomalycon (where he also briefly served as gaming director), Tacticon, and of course Genghis Con.

Chris is married to Sara Martinez, known for her Savage Worlds adventure “Killer Chops”, published by Fabled Environments. Sara also ran the Savage Worlds East Texas University living campaign, ETU Class of 2019. They have a 2 year old son and a 1 year old daughter who both already seem to be developing an obsession with dice.

Chris feeds his crippling source book and map addiction by working as CTO for the marketing agency CleverFunnel, and serves as the CTO for Gamer Girl Games.

Chris built and maintains this website.



Owner and operator of Debbie Ngo Art LLC and illustrator at Bad Hare Productions. This Denver artist works in custom art such as portraiture, modern Kintsugi, cake decorating, costuming  and embroidery. There are no bounds on what she will try to make.

Debbie created the modern Genghis Con logo, and many of the graphics used on this site and in other places for the convention.