Special Events are happening the entire Convention weekend!

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THAC0 Thursday

Sponsored by Bards of Greyhawk


Hello fellow old timers! Congratulations, on being true old school gamers. Thursday at Genghis Con we are hosting THAC0 Thursday night. We will be welcoming all the games we knew and loved that pulled us into the herd.

Sponsoring and performing at the event will be Bards of Greyhawk!

Relive those long nights of fantasy gaming with hearts that still cry out for adventure. Bards of Greyhawk is groundbreaking Fantasy Gamer Music inspired by classic Dungeons & Dragons Adventures of old. Combining Celtic influences from their days together in one of Colorado’s top Celtic Rock bands, they took their shared love of D&D, Fantasy Games, & Movie and were inspired to compose and record new original songs in tribute to classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures in the classic campaign setting of Greyhawk. Each song, tells a tale about a specific 1st Edition D&D adventure in order to convey the fun, magic and creativity of Fantasy Role Playing Games for generations new and old.

Be sure to check them out at http://www.bardsofgreyhawk.com/

If there is an old school game you’d love to run, or one you’ve always wanted to play at a con let us know. Reach out to fellow old school gamer Donny at donny@gamergirlgames.com

THAC0 Thursday Movie Night!

After we play, come to the ballroom to watch, recite,
sing and laugh (Think Mystery Science Theater 3000) along with…Monty Python and the Holy Grail!


Friday Night Bar Fight

sponsored by Pinnacle

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The legend of the Bar Fight…

There was an “Archer” game set to run by everyone’s hero Steve Kellison. One problem, he forgot his materials to run the game at home (another great reason to stay the weekend at the hotel). Have no fear! We gamers do know how to improvise! It was then, that a minor mistake turned to a brilliant tradition known as FRIDAY NIGHT BAR FIGHT.

Steve just moved the Archer game to the bar for an impromptu game and the idea was born. Friday Night Bar Fight! What could possibly go wrong? All game systems are welcome to play as this year the Bar comes to you! Stay tuned for details!

GM’s and DM’s; when you register your games on Friday night from 7-11pm please be sure to denote your game as FRIDAY NIGHT BAR FIGHT


Savage Saturday Night


The tradition of Savage Saturday Night Continues!

Genghis Con continues to proudly boast the largest gathering of Savage Worlds fans in the entire Savage World (and the slightly less interesting regular world)!

Get in on the Fast Furious Fun! Game loud, game proud, and show everyone how Savage you can be!

As always, characters provided, rules taught, beginners welcome!

VIG Dance Party

Featuring Necro Construct, 

DJ W00t Ye$ and DJ PWN N0!



Dance the night away with everyone's favorite Lovecraftian Sci-Fi themed Industrial Band, Necro Construct!

The night will kick off with the band's uniquely illuminated and entertaining performance, followed by a DJ performance by the world renown DJ Duo W00t Ye$ and PWN N0! to keep the party going!

The Annual Genghis Con Auction


GenghisCon continues the tradition of the auction! Is there a game that you are looking for and just can’t seem to find, or a game you’ve loved and are ready to let go of? The auction is the place for you!

The Auction will be held Friday evening in one of our many ballrooms. The rules to participate are as follows:

All participants are able to bid on items in the auction regardless of the type of badge. Only guests who have purchased a weekend or day badge are able to submit items to sell in the auction.

Prohibited items include: Firearms, Pornographic materials, food, or items that can not be inspected by GenghisCon staff unless the sale item is still in original packaging.

The show takes 15% of the total price of a item. All taxes are the responsibility of the buyer and the seller