Hello fellow old timers! Congratulations, on being true old school gamers. This
Thursday at Genghis Con we are hosting THAC0 Thursday night. We will be
welcoming all the games we knew and loved that pulled us into the herd.

If there is an old school game you’d love to run, or one you’ve always wanted to play at a con let us know. Reach out to fellow old school gamer Donny at

THAC0 Thursday Movie Night! After we play, come to the ballroom to watch, recite,
sing and laugh (Think Mystery Science Theater 3000) along with…Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

Friday Night Bar Fight

Brought to you by Steve Kellison


The legend of the Bar Fight…

There was an “Archer” game set to run by everyone’s hero Steve Kellison. One problem, he forgot his materials to run the game at home (another great reason to stay the weekend at the hotel). Have no fear! We gamers do know how to improvise! It was then, that a minor mistake turned to a brilliant tradition known as FRIDAY NIGHT BAR FIGHT. Steve just moved the Archer game to the bar for an impromptu game and the idea was born. Friday Night Bar Fight! What could possibly go wrong? All game systems are welcome to play as this year the Bar comes to you! Stay tuned for details! GM’s and DM’s; when you register your games on Friday night from 7-11pm please be sure to denote your game as FRIDAY NIGHT BAR FIGHT

Savage Saturday Night


The long-standing tradition of Savage Saturday Night continues.

Hosted by The Rocky Mountain Savages! Stay tuned for more Savage details!