Deadlands the Weird West

Shane Hensley runs an all-new tale of six-guns and sorcery!

Deadlands Dark Ages

Come check out the upcoming Deadlands Dark Ages with Shane Hensley. Find out what happened in the dark times before the Reckoning, when the Cackler and stranger things haunted the moors and highlands of England! 

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Doomtown: The Twilight Protocol

Doomtown: Greenhorn: Learn to Play / Casual Open Play!

Following the success of the relaunch of Doomtown, Pine Box and Pinnacle Entertainment are kicking off our Genghis Con events with an open play environment for players new and old. Please join our great community for a few rounds of casual play or learn to play Doomtown for the first time! You’ll receive some fancy new promos and play for previously released promotional items from organized play.

Doomtown: Twilight is Upon Us

After the Deadlands events that occurred in **The Cackler**, the skies seem a little darker, the vast prairies a little lonelier, the distances between burgs a little longer and more dangerous. It’s almost as if a permanent twilight has fallen…

Practitioners of black magic find it a little easier to summon their powers. In Doomtown game terms, all Hexes are cast at 1 less cost. Blessed get hit the hardest by the metaphysical dusk. Where once the powers of light bestowed miracles like rock candy, now they’ve been forced to retreat somewhat. By necessity they’ve become selective, doling out arcane help to their chosen with less regularity and variety than they did in the past. In Doomtown game terms, all Blessed who fail a Miracle pull are then booted.

The choice is yours. Any player with a deck containing a Fearmonger, Servitor, or a 1 cost or more Hex will be playing for the side of the Reckoners, while all other decks will be on the side of the Heroes of the Weird West. Players matchups will help influence the finale of the Twilight Protocol Trilogy that continues at Chupacabrocon and ends in Tombstone, Arizona In October, 2019.

Doomtown: Twilight Protocol Series Act I: The Agency

Players in this Doomtown Destination Event will vote to choose which faction will play a major part in assisting the Agency in their fight against the Reckoners. The winning player will choose a dude that will be a pivotal part of the story, in joining the Agency in the fight against evil in the Weird West. This is part I of III in the 2019 Doomtown Destination Series, followed by Act II: The Texas Rangers at Chupacabrocon and will conclude in Act III: The Twilight Legion in Tombstone on October 26, 2019. Players new and old are welcome to join Pine Box Entertainment in this epic event that will involve players making additional choices each round that will shape the fiction of this trilogy.

Steven S. Long

Writer, Game Designer, Young Curmudgeon
Steven S. Long 11-2017

Special games by Steven S. Long


The Shadow From The Mountains

For centuries peace has held between the Dwarves and Elves of Mhendaria. But now someone’s attacked a dwarven trade caravan and wantonly slaughtered everyone in it — and the clues point to the Elves. Can the heroes find out what’s really going on in time to prevent racial tensions from flaring into war — and can they keep other, less scrupulous, adventurers from trying to take advantage of the situation to line their pockets?


Let’s Go To The Maul

Having just successfully completed “monster hunting boot camp,” the PCs are sent to Columbia, SC to look into what MHI thinks is a recent rash of zombie attacks. Information obtained during their investigation eventually puts them on the trail of a mysterious man named Moreaux. When they finally figure out what he’s up to, they must race to stop him before he destroys the entire city!

Scales Of The Serpent

What are those snakes from VIPER up to now? After a battle at a high-tech factory the Champions, the greatest heroes of Millennium City, realize there’s a scheme in progress. Can our heroes figure out what’s going on and put a stop to it before VIPER wields the Mind-Cannon against all of Earth?