Genghis Con is proud to bring you these esteemed special guests.

Shane Hensley


Shane and Michelle Hensley owned a game and comics store called Fun ‘n Games in Blacksburg, VA, while they attended school at Virginia Tech. During that time, Shane wrote for every major gaming company, including TSR, White Wolf, and West End Games, among many others.

In 1994, Shane started Pinnacle Entertainment Group, where he created the best-selling, award-winning Deadlands, Hell on Earth, Weird Wars, and later Savage Worlds and many of its settings. Since then he’s written dozens of books and several novels, and designed everything from card games to miniature games to computer games.

In 2004, Shane joined Cryptic Studios as a designer on City of Villains, the sequel to the smash-hit City of Heroes Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG). Shane enjoyed several wonderful years at Cryptic before moving to Arizona to become Studio Head for Superstition Studios where he was making an MMORPG based on Deadlands.

Deadlands was unfortunately cancelled when the parent company folded, but Shane went on to create a colorful casual game called “Zombie Pirates.” From there he moved on to Petroglyph Games in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was Executive Producer for End of Nations.

Shane still runs Pinnacle with the help of many talented freelancers and partners. He lives in Chandler, Arizona, with his wife Michelle, their two incredible sons, Caden and Ronan Hensley, and far too many pets. He has a double-BA in History and Political Science, and an MA in Special Operations & Low Intensity Conflicts.

Steven S. Long

Steven S. Long 11-2017
Steven S. Long’s been involved in the gaming industry for over twenty years, during which time he’s written, co-written, edited, or developed over 200 books. He got his start as a freelancer for Hero Games, for whom he wrote several books in the mid-Nineties. He soon branched out into working for other game companies, such as White Wolf Game Studios.
In 1997, Steve quit his job as a practicing trial lawyer to try game writing and design full-time. During this time he worked as a freelancer for lots of companies, including White Wolf, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, and Last Unicorn Games. His work on Last Unicorn’s Star Trek RPG lines earned him a full-time job with the company as Deep Space Nine RPG Line Developer. He held that job for about fifteen months, until Wizards of the Coast bought LUG. He then became a Designer for WOTC, working on (among other things) the Wheel Of Time RPG.
After leaving WOTC in December 2000, Steve was hired by Decipher, Inc. to work on its new Star Trek and Lord Of The Rings RPGs. He contributed substantial portions of the two Trek core books, but spent most of 2001 writing nearly all of the LOTR RPG, for which he won his second Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Game of the year.
In 2001, Steve became part owner of DOJ, Inc., the company that bought Hero Games. From 2001 to 2011 he was HERO System Line Developer, writing most of the 110 books the company produced during the decade, and handling editing and other creative matters. Currently Steve is back to freelancing and is exploring the brave new world of self-publishing.
In addition to various gaming-related projects Steve has spent the past several years working on Fantasy fiction, with about a dozen short stories published so far and a novel perpetually in rewrites. In May 2015 Osprey Publishing released his first major nonfiction work, a book about the Norse god Odin. He’s currently working on a comprehensive book about world mythology.
Steve, who’s single and in his early 50s, lives in scenic Greensboro, NC. He’s a graduate of Duke University and Duke University School of Law (go Blue Devils!). During those rare moments when he’s not doing something related to writing or game design, his hobbies include reading, collecting fountain pens, collecting antique maps and travel guides from the 1920s and ’30s, spoiling his cat Persimmon, pontification, and being a curmudgeon.
You can find out more about Steve and what he’s up to at

Darrell Hayhurst


Darrell worked in tech, project management, and quality assurance before becoming a full time game designer and writer.

Darrell's first published game was Hard Vacuum in 2000. He contributed to Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, Codex Infernus, and Savage Rifts before joining the project to revive Torg. He's written extensively for Torg Eternity and is now the developer for the line.

Darrell works in Tucson, Arizona, and actually enjoys the weather there. His goal is to continue making new friends and writing quality games and adventures. He still can't believe how lucky is to earn a living doing what he loves.

Pine Box Entertainment

Pine Box Entertainment logo Cropped

David Lapp: Pine Box Entertainment Community Manager
David Lapp is Pine Box’s community manager. He's got a long history with Doomtown, having played since the original CCG. In 2016, he became Marshal (World Champ) and was brought on board due to his intimate knowledge of organized play and standing in the community. The cool tournament series are his brain children, and community events are his bread and butter.


Christine Lapp: Pinnacle Entertainment Group Customer Service Representative
Christine is a lover of dogs, beer, unicorns, and everything table top games. She also enjoys visiting places that require hiking up both hill and mountain trails to see the sights. When not traveling and playing games, Christine is often helping her husband David over at Pine Box Entertainment. (She is the Pinky to his Brain! “Narf!”)

Richard Carter: Doomtown Lead Designer
Richard Carter is the newly ascended Lead Designer for the Doomtown: Reloaded card game. Richard dropped out of playing Magic: The Gathering back in 1998 to pick up the first version of Doomtown, and through Doomtown, discovered the gaming conventions. He became friends with the Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) team and moved through playing just about all their other CCGs (Legend of the Five Rings, 7th Sea, Spycraft, and Warlord).
Richard became a bit of a fixture in the Warlord community, even becoming Brand Manager of the game for a period in 2007. But Richard never stopped playing Doomtown. After the original game was shuttered in 2001, the player community kept holding tournaments at major conventions. Richard continued to play the game locally and ended up winning four “Championships” during the intervening years before AEG brought Doomtown: Reloaded back officially in 2014.
After some mixed tournament showings, Richard went on to become the Marshal (World Champion) in 2017 and finished in second place at the 2018 North American Championships before taking on the lead design reins moving forward.

Gilbert Gallo

Bari, Italy


Like any superhero wannabe, Gilbert has a secret identity: during the day he helps people with his healing powers, while at night he creates fantastic universes where incredible characters live out amazing adventures! For some years now he has devoted himself to writing manuals, settings, and adventures for tabletop RPGs. Currently, he works as a freelance for a number of publishers.

He has created and contributed to more than 20 titles published in several languages, among them English, Polish, and Italian. A sample of his RPG work:

Rockopolis (Minòs Games - 2018)

Buccaneer: Through Hell & High Water (Yellow Piece and Fabled Environments, 2017)

Olympus Inc. (Fabled Environments, 2017)

Kung Fu Adventurers! (GRAmel, 2016)

Darkmoor (Acchiappasogni 2015)

Voodoo Pirates (GRAmel, 2015)

Mythos Savage Worlds edition (Mystical Throne Entertainment, 2013)

Cyberpunk V3 Italian edition (Stratelibri, 2008)

He’s the proud father of two children who are his greatest source of inspiration. Besides RPGs he writes novels, comics, and a lot of crazy projects that could save the world from the next alien invasion.